The Original


Original preparation of raclette

Raclette is iconic in Valais, Switzerland! A centuries-old tradition. Every Valaisan has a precise idea of how raclette should be prepared "correctly". They are all "raclette masters". Everyone has their own twist, their own method. But there is a common denominator.

Pascal Burkard

TTM SA, Sierre, 10.5.2021

Scrape the cheese like a pro

Fred shows "how to raclette"

Preparing the cheese

Generally speaking, raclette cheese can be bought cut to the required size (half or quarter cheese) and with cleaned rind. Where this is not the case,

  • cut the cheese round into halves or quarters,
  • clean the cheese by scraping away the upper, reddish-brown layer of the rind with a knife.


Pre-heat the raclette appliance for about 5 minutes and then lay the prepared cheese into the holder.


Scraping the cheese

  1. Allow the cheese to sizzle under the heat until the surface of the cheese has attained the desired state: slightly melted for smaller and more delicate raclettes, or grilled more strongly for larger raclettes with roasted flavor.
  2. Turn the cheese round away from the heat source, tip the cheese holder, and scrape the raclette onto the plate. Use the smooth side of the TTM raclette knife for this purpose, and take care not to exert too much pressure when scraping.

Tip from a pro

After every third or fourth raclette, a crisp rind forms around the edges of the cheese's cutting side. Cut this off using the jagged side of the TTM raclette knife and serve together with the raclette. This type of raclette is known as 'religieuse' (religious) and it tastes heavenly.

And there you go !

Important: Raclette tastes best hot.

It is part of the ritual of classic raclette that the person served is allowed to enjoy the raclette immediately and does not wait until all other guests are served.

In a hurry?


If you want to make it quicker at the beginning for the particularly hungry or for the little ones, you can first scrape the lower half of the melted cheese and then the upper part. This way you have made two raclettes out of one.

Side dishes

Traditionally, raclette is served with boiled potatoes, gherkins and pickled onions. The cheese itself is seasoned with freshly ground black pepper. However, there are no limits to culinary fancies: pickled mushrooms or vegetables and a number of mixed herbs are just as suitable.

When a large party meets to partake in raclette, it will be impossible to avoid waits at the beginning and between turns. Thus, it is a good idea to serve cold meats, sausage or dry-cured ham with black bread (such as Wallis rye bread).

The connaisseur says: Dry and tangy white wine (served cool) or tea go particularly well with the meal.

What about gas or electric
Raclette machines ?

In the absence of electricity, or when you need to prepare raclette outdoors in cold autumn and winter days, gas raclette ovens offer a powerful alternative to electric ovens. The infrared heaters of gas raclette ovens have more than twice the power of electric ovens.

This does not change the method of preparation. However, the racleur is more challenged. The cheese melts faster, the cadence is higher. The skilled racleur can vary the preparation method even more. How? He "plays" with the length of time he exposes the cheese to the heat and varies the distance of the cheese from the heater. The range between strongly grilled and rather fine raclette becomes larger.

TTM Easy-Gas

Raclette anytime and anywhere

Portable outdoor raclette oven with backpack



TTM Brio-Gas

For two cheese halves

Powerful raclette melter for outdoor use



TTM Brio-Plus

For two cheese halves

Gas raclette oven for outdoor use plus approval for indoor use.



Accessories for the "raclette-chefs"

Raclette, well prepared and served, requires proper "tools".

Raclette scraper "Profi"

Knife specially designed for raclette

Raclette knife with a smooth, polished side for scraping and a serrated side for cutting off the crispy edges, the "religieuses".


Raclette apron


Made of the best fabric, sturdy cotton apron for the perfect raclette outfit.


Supports for large, rectangular cheese


Practical stainless steel support plates to support large, rectangular cheese along its entire length.


Leftover cheese ? No problem.

A raclette party does not always have to be for many people. On the contrary, classic raclette is often enjoyed in a smaller circle.

Our tip:


The "Resty" accessory for completely using up leftover cheese

If only a small piece of cheese remains, it often can no longer be properly used for scraping. For this purpose, there is now the "Resty", with which cheese leftovers can be completely used up. It is also suitable for melting cheese slices.


Store leftovers

A party of less than 6 persons will probably not manage to finish off a half cheese round. Leftovers, when wrapped up well, can be kept refrigerated for 2–3 weeks. Larger wedges weighing more than 1kg can be stored for up to 8 weeks. Hence it is often worth splashing out on a half cheese and then consuming this over the course of several meals.