How much raclette cheese per person?

Our practical TTM raclette calculator calculates in no time how much raclette cheese and side dishes you need for your Raclette party. The raclette calculator directly generates your shopping list.

We calculate with an average of 60 grams per raclette, if you scrape off the raclette from the cheese directly - as it is done in the original! The cheese portion for the raclette prepared in individual pans is a little smaller. Here you calculate with about 40 grams per raclette. We calculate with an average of 4 raclettes per person.

What are the side dishes for the classic raclette?

Jacket potatoes, cornichons and silver onions are the traditional side dishes. Keep the potatoes warm in a basket or pot.

What to drink with raclette?

A dry, sparkling white wine and a tea are particularly appreciated. At TTM, we are currently particularly fond of this white wine:

our raclette white wine of the month

Raclette calculator

Persons participating
Available time in minutes
Raclettes per person
Don't forget a good glass of Valais wine!
Shopping list

1,0kg Raclette cheese

1,2kg Potatoes

320g Pickles / Onions

Our recommendation




power: 1000 W
voltage: 230 V  (115 V available)
height: 32 cm
plate size (length x width): 48 x 27cm


Traditional device for a half round cheese. Tiltable cheese holder for round and rectangular cheeses, height adjustment by rotating around the spindle. Adjustable centering of the cheese holder under the heater depending on the width of the cheese. On / off switch.

Article number: 100.003
Weight: 5.4 kg

Operating mode:electric

Nr. of cheese rounds:1/2

CHF  269.00

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