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Well prepared raclette is a wonderful and convivial dish. Lots of people have already invented the "perfect" raclette oven... but raclette lovers have their own ideas of how raclette should be prepared.

Classic "scraping off"-Raclette as in the original version or preparing with the little pans? Or do you like both, depending on the situation?

Scraping the raclette directly from the cheese

The great, classic Raclette tradition

It all starts with the selection of the cheese: what region does it come from? Should it be pasteurized, thermized or made from raw milk? At what temperature should each type of cheese be melted? How far from the heat source should it be placed? How should it be scraped and best served?

With the classic TTM ovens, raclette can be prepared according to individual preferences, taking into account the properties of the cheese. Depending on the length of exposure and the distance of the cheese from the heating element, the raclette can be served in many different ways: crispy grilled with roasted flavours, scraped with or without a crust, or simply slightly melted and scraped with a light hand movement to obtain a creamy raclette. 

Classic raclette ovens have been around since the late 1950s. Before that, the cut surface of the cheese was held against hot coals. Once the cheese began to melt, the top layer was scraped off with a knife.

Marvel at Fred, our Racleur, in the "How to raclette" video.

The "Original " raclette melters

SWISS MADE, of course.

Classic revisited

TTM "Zinal"

Powerful raclette oven for half a cheese. The cheese is clamped in a tiltable cheese holder and brought under the heating element with the practical swivel arm. The distance of the cheese to the heating element can be continuously adjusted by simply rotating the cheese holder around the spindle. By the way: The plates can be placed on the stainless steel heating element for preheating.


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Raclette maker in a backpack

TTM "Easy-Gas"

Practical, lightweight appliance for half a cheese - great for on the go and perfect for summer raclette and barbecue parties.



Leftovers from raclette cheese?

TTM Resty


With the Resty, leftover raclette cheese can be used in a simple and practical way.


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Raclette with pans

The other way of preparation: each his own cook.

The small tabletop devices for individual preparation of raclette with portioned cheese were first developed in the course of the 1970s. Slices of cheese a few millimeters thick are placed in a small pan and slid under an electric heater. The melted cheese is scraped out of the pan with a spatula.

Since its discovery, the raclette with small skillets has enjoyed lasting popularity. Whether raclette au naturel, seasoned with a variety of spices, or enriched with ham or fruit already in the pan: There are no limits to the culinary imagination.

The pan devices helped the Raclette to an accelerated internationalization. Raclette increasingly found its place in the menu of European households, primarily in the Benelux countries, France and Germany.

the raclette pan


Small pans for melting cheese slices are more commonly made of sheet steel and less frequently from aluminized steel, stainless steel or cast aluminum. They are usually coated with non-stick polymers, silicone, ceramic or are enameled.

The first raclette pans were mostly round or triangular in shape. The shape was adapted to the raclette-grills of the first generation. Today, they are very often rectangular so that the pre-made raclette cheese slices can be placed in the pan without being cut.

Raclette Élégance


Raclette grill for 8 skillets, made of noble materials. Large grill surface made of soapstone.


Raclette melters with candles:
Original and without electricity


In the mid-2000s, TTM invented the first cheese melters that work without electricity. Since then, the range has grown steadily. Today, the diverse market offer includes products of all shapes and colors. A comfortable scraper without a power cable on the table!


Raclette in all weathers


The latest innovation from TTM. A paste burner heats the raclette windproof and at any ambient temperature.

Swiss-made, of course.

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