Become a Raclette professional

How to raclette

Wanna make a big impression on your friends back home?

Then let's make you a raclette pro now and show you "How to Raclette!". Fred is an experienced raclette scraper. With our "step by step" tutorial we will make you a raclette professional.

This is Fred

Not just any Fred. Our Fred is an experienced racleur.

Chapter 1

The real raclette cheese

Let's start with the core product of raclette: the cheese!

Raclette cheese comes from cows that are lovingly pampered on fresh alpine pastures. Ewe's milk cheese? Goat's cheese? Also delicious, you are welcome to taste it. But don't take cheese that isn't made to be melted and scraped. So no Parmesan or Gorgonzola.

Real raclette cheese matures for at least 3 months in a rustic cellar. It is virtually lactose-free and made from raw or pasteurized milk. Ask the dairyman you trust...


Kapitel 2


Mise en Place: This must not be missing.

Place the TTM raclette oven on a table and heat it up for a few minutes just before you start. Make your life as a racleur easier by preparing some practical things: A proper raclette knife for scraping, a raclette apron, paper towels, a damp cloth, and a garbage bag to keep yourself, the cheese and the work area spotless! Only a clean racleur is a good racleur.


Raclette apron

for the good racleur

Made of the best fabric, sturdy cotton apron for the perfect raclette outfit.


Chapter 3

Raclette machine: place the cheese.

Choose the optimal distance between the cheese and the heater

Clamp the raclette cheese in the cheese holder and set the desired height. The closer the cheese is to the heater, the faster and stronger it melts. Optimal distance between cheese and heater is 2-4 cm. Raclette cheese made from raw milk is often positioned a little further from the heater than raclette cheese made from pasteurized milk. Note that a gas oven generates more heat than an electric oven.

Chapter 4

Melting the raclette cheese 

The choice is yours: slightly melted and creamy or heavily grilled with roasted flavors?

Enjoy the moment the cheese starts to sizzle, but keep an eye on your raclette cheese. Because you decide what the raclette cheese will taste like: creamy, slightly melted or heavily grilled with roasted flavors. It's up to you. Simply adjust the distance between the cheese and the heating element and vary the length of time the cheese remains under the heater.

Chapter 5

Scraping the cheese like a professional

The big moment

Is the cheese ready to be served? Then comes the big moment:

  1. Turn the cheese holder toward the prepared plate.
  2. Lift the cheese holder to an inclined position.
  3. Scrape off the melted cheese with gentle pressure and, most importantly, in one go with the blunt side of the raclette knife. 

Do you even want to become a raclette master? Then take the cheese in your hand and scrape it off.

Raclette scraper "Profi"

Specially designed knife for raclette

Raclette knife with a smooth, polished side for scraping and a serrated side for cutting off the crispy edges, the "religieuses".



Chapter 6

The crispy fried raclette crust - called "religieuse"

"La religieuse"

After a few raclettes, a crust appears on the edge of the cheese. We call this the "religieuse". With the sharp side of the raclette knife, carefully cut off the crust and serve with a raclette.

Chapter 7

Side dishes and drinks with raclette

What goes well with Raclette?

You can be as creative as you like with the side dishes. Traditionally, raclette is served with jacket potatoes, gherkins and small silver onions. 

To drink, a glass of sparkling white wine and tea is recommended. The little ones may prefer a cool lemonade. Either way, raclette can be enjoyed with almost any refreshment. Cheers!

Raclette calculator

Not sure exactly how much raclette cheese and garnishes you need per person?

No problem: Ask our raclette calculator.

Raclette calculator

try it out

Chapter 8

Leftover cheese?

Ideas for further use

Do not throw away any leftover cheese. Wrapped in cling film, it will keep for a long time in the refrigerator - even longer in the freezer.

And whenever you feel like it, cut off a piece of cheese, for example for a cheese sandwich, vegetables au gratin or a cordon bleu.

By the way: Do you know the "Resty" from TTM? With this extension you can use up all the remaining cheese. Simply melt it until the end and enjoy.

TTM Resty

Use up leftover cheese easily. Also suitable for melting cheese slices.


Chapter 9

How to clean the raclette melter

A water dive? Not a good idea.

Before each cleaning, switch off the raclette oven, remove the cheese from the holder and let the appliance cool down. Clean the surfaces of the TTM raclette melter and the cheese holder only with a damp cloth - without aggressive cleaning agents. Dry well afterwards. 

Careful cleaning after each raclette party will give the raclette melter a long life.

That's it: Congratulations!

Enjoy the compliments of your guests. Congratulations for the successful raclette fun with the TTM raclette melter.