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Who invented the Raclette?


Raclette is a centuries-old tradition from the western Alps. Nowhere is raclette so deeply rooted in people's way of life as in Valais, Switzerland.

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The raclette cheese

The aroma, properties and nutritional values

Raclette has gained steady popularity since its discovery. What at first was only a few herdsmen in the Alps who melted cheese over an open fire, has now become a national dish that wins over more and more fans across the countries. "Raclette" as a culinary idea is a true Swiss export success.

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Buy raclette cheese online


A wide selection of cheese makers and stores 

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How much raclette cheese per person?

Raclette Calculator

By experience, you should expect 4 raclettes per person. Of course, the gourmands ask for more... If you scrape off the raclette from the cheese, which is particularly fine, we calculate 60 grams per raclette.

Discover the practical TTM Raclette Calculator, which makes preparing the raclette party a breeze. 

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How do I scrape the cheese?

Original preparation of raclette

If you've always wanted to know how to scrape the cheese, check out this link and watch the cool video-clip.

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How to raclette

the complete video tutorial

Do you want to impress your friends at home with a "real" Raclette? Then we'll make you a raclette pro now and show you "How to Raclette!". 

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Raclette cheese: can I eat the crust?


In the vast majority of cases, the crust of raclette cheese can be eaten without any problems, because the cheese is sold already rind cleaned ...

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Who invented the raclette oven?

History and origin of Raclette appliances

The first patents were filed in the late 1940s and early 1950s. The invention of raclette ovens goes hand in hand with the increasing popularity and spread of this culinary specialty. The inventors were from central Valais in Switzerland, the region that is also considered the home of raclette.

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Perfect ovens for raclette lovers

Raclette machines for every purpose

Is there such a thing as the perfect raclette oven?


Concepts for the gastronomy


Discover how raclette can enrich the gastronomic offer. From the great raclette cheese tasting to the take-away offer, everything is possible.

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