Concepts for gastronomy

Discover how raclette can enrich the gastronomic offer. From the great raclette cheese tasting to the take-away offer, everything is possible.

Great Raclette tasting

Concept 1

An ideal way to introduce guests to the diversity of raclette. Raclette cheeses from different producers are served one after the other. The Racleur (raclette chef) or waiter brings the raclette to the table and briefly explains which cheese from which region is being served. On the table, the guests have a map on which the regions of origin of the different cheeses are indicated.

The stronghold of this gastronomy is the Château de Villa in Sierre (Switzerland). Experienced raclette chefs and trained staff serve 5 different raclettes in succession in the most natural way possible (potatoes, silver onions, etc.).

Advantages of this concept: informative introduction to the world of raclette through a "commented" tasting; guests can remain seated; no waiting in line in front of the raclette machines.

Suitable equipment: Evolène, Trio, Zinal


Raclette oven for two cheese halves arranged on a line with two independently switchable heating elements.

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Raclette oven for three half raclette cheese round shape. Two independently switchable heating elements.



Raclette oven for home and professional use for half raclette cheese of round and square shape.


Raclette at the table

Concept 2

In this version, the cheese, side dishes and the equipment are placed on the guest table. The guests prepare the raclette themselves. The cheese can be provided in the form of slices, as a quarter loaf or block for scraping. This raclette gastronomy is found mainly in tourist hotspots in the French and sometimes Swiss Alps.

Precondition of this raclette gastronomy are compact, space-saving table devices. Electrical appliances require sockets at each table. If power outlets are missing, small non-electric raclettes are suitable. 

Advantages: The guest is his or her own chef; reduced service.

Raclette Easy

Non-electric raclette melters for cheese slices

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Small electric devices for scraping off the cheese blocks and quarter loaves


Traditional service dish

Concept 3

The raclette is prepared by the racleur in the kitchen or - better - on a counter visible for all and served to the guest (or picked up by him). By combining different side dishes, many menu variations can be offered.

Examples: Raclette "Tradition" with jacket potatoes and silver onions, Raclette "à la française" with meat cold cuts and vegetables, or Raclette "à l'italienne" with raw ham, polenta and peperonata. Raclette can be varied according to regional preferences. 

In American raclette restaurants, the cheese ready for scraping is brought to the table and the scraping off is celebrated in front of the guests. 

Suitable devices: Evolène, Super, others



Raclette oven for two cheese halves arranged on a line with two independently switchable heating elements.

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Raclette oven for domestic and professional use for 2 cheese-halves on swivel arm


Raclette take away

Concept 4

Raclette take away

Quick and simple raclette, for example, served on a slice of bread with few or no accompaniments. For example, a sandwich bread can be used and topped with ham. This type of raclette can be offered as a supplement to the usual take-away menu and can be found in food trucks, food stands, raclette drive-ins and other catering venues. 

Suitable appliances: electric models Evolène, Zinal; gas appliances Brio-Gas and Brio-Plus.


Raclette grill for two cheese-halfs on swivel arm. Powerful infrared gas burner. For outdoor use. 

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Powerful Raclette grill for two cheese-halfs on swivel arm. Infrared gas burner for outdoor and indoor use. 

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