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TTM was founded in 1964. "TTM" stands for “Traitements Thermiques SA” and is the international trademark of the company. At the start of the company, TTM provided non-stick coating for household products such as pans and containers. Non-stick coatings polymerize with heat (they are virtually "baked"), thus the name Traitements Thermiques  ("heat treatments” in English).



Inspired by a regional, culinary tradition, TTM  began in Sierre (Switzerland) 1967 with the production of raclette ovens for half cheese loaves and other household products, with the intention of applying TTM coating on its own products. The product range gradually expanded. Electrical and gas appliances, devices for one quarter of cheese, for cheese blocks as well as for several halves of cheese broadened the product assortment. New sales channels in Switzerland and abroad were opened.

At the same time, TTM continued to develop its coating services for many different industries (

In 1996, TTM moved into a new production facility in the industrial zone Ile Falcon in Sierre, thus securing a basis for further development.

In 2000, TTM took over a range of products sold under the trademark "Melior" (raclette appliancesMongolian pot, cast iron grills), which was already well established in the Swiss retail market. Today, TTM commercializes these products under its own brand, thus being able to expand its market position.

In the following years, TTM has expanded its production range, including smaller, non-electric raclette devices. These are operated with paste burners or tea light candles. For example, the "Twiny" product line, which was patented in 2004.

With the acquisition of Hagro Tech AG (brand "Fero") in 2008 and the subsequent merger, TTM started marketing professional food service products such as slicers and fryers, strengthening its position, particularly in the cash & carry market. Other brands such as "Lagrange" (planchatable grills) complete the range.

From 2009-2010 the production facility expanded.

Since 2010, TTM has been constantly expanding its production with new products such as the "top range" raclette appliances, which refer to classic models of the sixties. These visually and technically renewed products are often used in major events like World exhibitions, world championships and olympic games.