Regulator for the connection to gas cartridges (hose included)

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Example for gas cartridge Example for gas cartridge

Example for gas cartridge

Regulator (50 mbar) for the connection to gas cartridges with G1/4 thread (e.g. Coleman C500). Supplied with high-pressure hose (length 1.5 m, internal diameter 8 mm), hose connection, union nut and clamps.



power: 2000 - 2500 W
heigth: 32 cm
plate size: 43 x 28 cm


Practical and lightweight device for half a round of cheese. This raclette oven is powered by standard butane or propane gas bottles. Tiltable cheese holder, height adjustable by t

Article number: 100.028
Weight: 8 kg.

Operating mode:GasGas

Nr. of cheese rounds:1/21/2

Zur Zeit in Fabrikation, bald wieder lieferbar.

Pressure regulator with hose.

Regulator for continuous adjustment (25–30 mbar) of butane and propane gas pressure. Includes high pressure hose (length 1.5 m, interior diameter 8 mm), hose nozzle 8mm, union nut,

Article number: 800.091
CHF 79.00
incl. tax

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length x width: 27 x 5 cm


Raclette knife with a special dual function blade: A smooth, polished side to grate off the melted cheese and serrated side to cut off the remaining crust (the "religieuse"). The s

Article number: 800.071
Weight: 80 gr.
CHF 34.00
incl. tax

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