Our Brands



Swiss brand for quality raclette products and for a sociable gastronomic experience. Excellent quality and durability distinguish the products, most of which are manufactured in Switzerland.



The brand Lagrange S.A., was founded in 1955 near Lyon. It launched the first electric waffle iron. Today, owned and managed by Philippe Lagrange, the strongly innovative and trendsetting company is specialized in culinary products.


A Swiss trademark for culinary products. It was originally established by Rolf Feuz and is now run by TTM. Fero offers a wide range of products for both professionals and culinary enthusiasts. 


The brand of NV J. van Ratingen is known for its varied assortment of fryers. Through pioneering innovations "Fritel" became the market leader in Belgium, the land of the fryers par excellence.



International brand based in the Netherlands, property of Bestron Nederland BV. Combines technology and modern design and offers a theme-based, trendy product range.



For over 60 years, the Spanish company Marcos Larranaga y cia SA has offered, under the brand "Lacor", a nearly complete range of products for the private and professional kitchens.